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Bikers With Altitude

Bikers for India organises guided motorcycle tours in the Himalayas in India and Nepal for small groups (max. 6 pers) at attractive prices on their our bikes. The Himalayas are the largest and highest mountain region in the world, they have a length 2400 km and a surface 600,000 km2, twice larger and higher than the Alps in Europe. Individual (solo) tours in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and South India are also possible.

Target Audience

Motorcyclists in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Mexico and Australia are ready for a new challenge and also have enough courage. They have already made many tours in Europe, America and Africa or another part of the world and want something totally new. The roads in the Himalayan mountain differ from the European Alps roads, or American Alaska roads.

Added Value:

The motorcycle tours in the Himalayas are not comparable with other tours in Europe, the USA, and South America. The passes are much higher, the roads can sometimes be very bad. Riding 75 km off-road can take as much as 5 hours. New expedition adventure, muddy roads, black ice on the roads, ride through rivers, ride across the cold streams, this is the ultimate new experience in life. Mountain villages along the way were time stood still. The population is colorful and there is no shortage of parties. India is the cradle of Hinduism and Buddhism, so this is a totally different culture. No churches but temples, plenty of monasteries with colorful dressed monks. Motorcycles here are not BMW boxers but workhorses like the Royal Enfield Himalayan. We do not ride in groups of 20 bikers but a maximum of 6 bikers and there are constantly 2 guides riding along. In addition, we can be cheaper than other travel agencies because we work with small groups and have our own motorbikes.



For reservation is the advance payment € 150,-

In case of Illness from you or family, that advance payment refundable.

The rest of the Payment (minus € 150,-)  14 days before the start date. 

Extra surcharge for fewer people

Group 6 max.5 + 0%4 +10%3+ 20%2 +30%
Group 4 max.3 + 10%2 + 20%  

Our mission

Cheap, better than the other motorcycle tours in India, and 7/24 hours for our motorcyclists in rope.



Siem Edink late bloomer in terms of motorcycle riding

In 2016 Siem took motorcycle lessons in Udaipur India and bought his first motorcycle in India in 2017. It was a Honda Shine 125 cc which has taken him to all corners of India in over 2 years (45,000 km). In 2019 the Shine was swapped for a real bike, a Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 cc.

At the age of 16 Siem rode on a moped to Heidelberg in Germany and a year later he went to England. In 50 years now he has visited over 50 countries and now  has found my peace in India. From East to West or North to South it is 3000 km, so big enough for years of discovery trips. Siem is more of a traveler than a "Biker" and he likes to share his discoveries with others. The Background of Siem was physics, first a teacher for 20 years, later from 1987 to 2008 as manager in social-cultural work. He has been staying in India for almost 10 years from the end of September to the end of May 8 months a year.

He can't sit still and wanted something on my hands in India. He Started the travel agency in 2017 and called it Bikers for India. He Contacted Dev Sahoo via Facebook in 2018. Together they made the plans for motorcycle trips in India and Nepal and that worked out. All tours have now been ridden more than three times. Every year Bikers for India organises 8 tours.

Dev Sahoo Life starts on a bike

Dev Sahoo (1986) grew up in a small village 70 km from Bhubaneswar Odisha. Until he was 16 (class 10) he went to a government school in my village. Then he continued to study at Fakir Mohan University, 70 km from his house. In 2006 he moved to Kolkata (450 km).

He didn't want to be dependent of his parents and by tutoring, he made the money for my tuition and living expenses. After 5 years of studying, he passed the company secretariat in 2010 (master in accountancy and finance).

In 2010 he also moved to Delhi (1800 km) for his first job at a small accountancy firm for only 3,000 rupees per month. His last job in 2018 was at JLL, a USA real estate company as an assistant account manager.

In India, you have to work 6 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm. So for hobbies, like cricket and volleyball there was little free time during the week. Only 3 hours on Sundays. As he was interested in motorbikes and motorcycle adventures and watched videos on YouTube and dreamed of going on an adventure myself.

On Facebook, he followed Bikers from Europe and America who rode through India. So he came into contact with Siem Edink, we created a business concept for motorcycle travel in India. For this reason, Dev quit his job on October 20, 2018, and started working for our company Bikers for India.