South India Tour

15 days

2,200 km

750,- per person

The Jewel's of India
Surrounded by three oceans and bisected by the Ghats a 1500 km long mountain range along the west coast of India. Start in Goa, where Portuguese influence is still palpable, visit the Royal Enfield café/museum in Goa, wander through the ruins of Hampi, visit the palace of the maharajah in Mysuru, explore the tea plantations of Munnar, Buddhist temples in Madikeri, t...
Rajasthan Tour

17 days

3,000 km

850,- per person

The land of Kings
Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, palaces, forts, lakes, adventure and vibrancy, colorful and full of emotions. Visit the Om Bullet baba temple for a sacred motorbike in Pali, spend the night in the desert under the bare sky, visit the palaces of the Maharajas coat, enjoy the pristine beauty of Mount Abu, and go swimming in Budhi Lake near Udaipur. It’s a country you ...
Gujarat Tour

25 days

4,650 km

1250,- per person

The Cradle of Civilization
Gujarat, on the west coast of India, has a rich history dating back well into ancient times. In Bhuj, the largest salt flat in the world, Palitana, is the largest temple city in the world, Gandhi’s birthplace in Porbandar, Krishna was born in the pilgrim city of Dwarka, and the excavation in Lothal shows that this region was part of a thriving Indus Valley ci...