Extra Tour of Khajuraho (for Kathmandu to Delhi)

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Features of the tour

4 Days 3 Nights

1,049 km

375,- per person


Khajuraho Orchha Sonagiri Gwalior Agra

Tour Overview

Khajuraho tour 4 days is only possible for the Rajasthan and Kathmandu to Delhi tour.
Khajuraho (temples erotic representations)
Highlights include the temples of Khajuraho, world-famous for their beauty, but also for their sculpture with erotic representations.

Orchha ( Impressive nature for walk)
Then old town orchard would be nicely located in a wooded hilly area with waterfalls and rocky outcrops in the rivers. But to see it, you have to walk 10 km. Also, a dinner in the palace of the maharaja is highly recommended. You can also spend a week there, so beautiful, so quiet and so many culture.

Marble temples and naked men
There are many faiths in India, but the Jain faith with over 4 million followers has created many impressive structures, totally different from the Hindu temples. The mountain in Sonagiri is sacred, it is dotted with103 numbers of white-marble temples, but you should not miss the way there through small villages with dried cow dike along the way.

Beautiful fortress and magic palace
Gwalior with his Gwalior fort on a hill, 100m above the landscape, completely walled and you can ride around with the motor. It is one of the grist forts of India. Also in Gwalior the palace of the current maharaja. In the banquet hall (dining room) run across the table a train that brings the liqueurs in front of you.

Ambedkar park and Bara Imambara
Ambedkar Memorial Park in Lucknow, formally known as Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The memorial is dedicated to B. R. Ambedkar , the 20th century Indian polymath and the major author of the Indian Constitution.
Bara Imambara built by Asif-ud-Daula , Nawab of Awadh in 1784.

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